Money save Strategy for the Photographer business

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Money save Strategy for the Photographer business

Money save strategy is applied to Photographer business who have involved pack shot and self photographer business owner in worldwide. It is a strategy after one research, I am published this right now – This is a simple and common fact, and issue but we do not brother it somehow for personality or own satisfaction. Exclusive business innovative terms say you have just more money generate – this is the original terms for all business owner – making money generate machine – I am here to give the tips :


Time is the simple the wind we can not catches – it goes our ways – nobody stop- this is the example of nature. Like that we photographer is a habit to make beautiful photo by any time cost and experiments various filter or time source to develop the supper natural beautiful on any photographer by used Photoshop or Light room. Sometimes, we failed and won, but we did not calculate how much time I expense for this single image – how much money dollars client will give me – for example, clients will give 100 dollars for 10 images, for retouching only.

We, creative photographer or designer, forget the time and remind the client deadline – when it will last date to send – we think we do not deliver in right time we can not get paid and clients will not happy. Truthfully, we set up mine that any cost and time investing on this we will … But clients must be happy.

So we hard try to forget our girlfriends to give 100% attention on retouching by photoshop – but the experienced expert is not doing this – but sometimes difficult complexity makes completed competence. W invest used time more than clients value and money. Is it the truth? Comments below:

Time is money, it is known by all of us, we forget to maintain it because this is nature – nature is very simple and complicated to maintain – so photographer nature is beautiful, we all guys only one thing in eyes and mine – how to make this beautiful and super. It is the truth.


The issue is money. Critical terms here to me. Because in the human, using the words in our like, money money money- money is everything in the digital world. Very simple.

Now come to the point: we are happy – how much money we are earning from clients monthly or yearly. Is there any way or strategy for a photographer to make money revenue more so that w can be used and more money like pack shoot company in the world, They have near 200 photography – buy why you peoples are doing self business and take a just one retouch-er hiring or freelancer or taking hire someone for an assistant? 


In your brain did you think it before? did you ask a question like this? Why you have a single-man company, only one think small hope.

The answer is that you people have not more speedy more dream more big plan more car, you do not think big. So you are a single photographer company.

I am here to make you a big company – I have that strong Strategy, I do not sell myself – I want to develop and making a big photography company that is a single company at this digital online. Because online can make working source worldwide clipping path.

Strategy for calculation: Time and Money

It may use only those company in the worldwide are involved any times of photography and retouching together in house or me.

In a search, normally the USA a photographer generally cost is per hour: $30

Basic retouching images category- able to complete for clipping path. Will be 6 images per hour

The time and money will 1 hour and cost per image $5

Money save Strategy for the Photographer business

Note: depends on images complexity, and hourly rates may very skill to skill and country to country, here just roughly estimates

Now Bangladesh Designer cost hourly 5 hours

Because they are poor in Bangladesh people, used population you know maybe – the whole world knows that no 1 clipping path industries are located in Bangladesh,- worldwideclippingpath production house.

If the hourly rate is $5, so can do the same quality and quantity 6 images per hours

The cost will be $0.83 per image roughly

Depends on image complexity.

Advice and execution

If you guys single man company or small team company do it outsource and invest your retouching time to marketing and photo shoot definite withing 1 or two years you guys will be Big company. the maximum employee will be 40/30 photographers in your office, you will be the BIG Boss, all will say you, sir,, Your revenue will be 40 times increase than now. Just think a white my money save strategy,

Do not think – it marketing – Money save Strategy for the Photographer business, think is it a good strategy. is it a fantastic idea. Innovative or just time pass: just think a while with a common coffee or discuss with your production manager or friends or colleague – regarding my money save strategy: what happen then commence or mail me the update: Thanks all for stay with me here. thank you so much.