How to Remove Background using Magic Wand Tool

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Magic Wand Tool is a unique selection tool that allows you to edit or replace any part of an image by keeping the other parts intact. A step-by-step guide How to remove the background using the magic wand tool. In the race of Photoshop, the Magic Wand Tool has been ahead of all others. Modifying a part of any image has become a lot easier now. Whether you want to change the color contrast or remove the background, Magic Wand Tool will always come to the rescue. If you are interested to know how to remove background using magic wand tool, then you have come to the right place. Let’s get started!

Learn from Video Quickly

First thing first, open the Photoshop software. Go to the menu bar; you will notice the ‘file’ option at the top and click on it. Select ‘open.’ This will navigate you to the location of the image. Choose the image you will be editing. 

Step 2: Duplicate background layer

Once you open the image in your Photoshop software, correctly highlight the background or the part you want to remove. Following this, browse through windows and then click on the ‘Layer’ panel. Choose the ‘duplicate layer’ option. Duplicating assures that you have a backup of your original file. 

After you are done duplicating, you have to save the copied file and give a different name to differentiate between the files later when you use them.

Step 3: Hide the original background layer

While working with the duplicate layer, the original background layer might be distracting, so it will be better to hide the background layer. In the ‘layers’ section, choose the eye icon on the left of your image. This will inactivate the background, and you can work without any hassle. 

Step 4: Magic Wand Tool

 And click on Magic Tool Wand, or you can even press the shortcut key ‘W. 

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Step 5: Adjust the settings 

To get a refined edge, you need to adjust a few parameters:

  • Now click ‘Add to Selection’ if you want to incorporate more into your selection
  • 2ndly Click ‘Subtract from Selection’ if you want to remove the unwanted segments in your selection
  • 3rd Click ‘Intersect with Selection’ if there is any segment in your selection that intersects with one another
  • four Steps Click ‘Sample Size’ to fix the pixel number 
  • Lets final Click ‘Tolerance’ and fix the color contrast of the surrounding pixel and your selection 

Step 6: Background Selection

Select the parts that are away from your image subject. These will be portrayed in dots. Clicking more than once can distort your selection. If that happens, press Ctrl+D in Windows OS or Cmd+D in Mac. 

Step 7: Selection Refining

Following this, click on the ‘Select and mask’ button. This will take you to a new window with a spot adjustment tool on the left and a global control on the right. 

Select Properties>View. Don’t forget to click the ‘On layer’ button. 

Now, you need to smoothen the edges. You can find two features under the Global refinements button: Smooth function and Refine Edge Brush Tool. Use these two tools to perfect your image. 

If you are satisfied with the way your image turned out to be, choose ‘output setting.’ Select output to layer mask and press okay. 

 And boom! The background is removed! It’s time to give your image a new background!

Step 8: New Background

Open the file of the new image for your background. Select the entire image and copy it. Now move to the photo with the removed background and paste it. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to remove background using Magic Wand Tool, turn your image into a creative and aesthetically pleasant one all by yourself. When you change Background then before you need to clipping path and if you are not good in the path we do clipping path service. You can send us a free trial to check the quality. It is absolutely free. Worldwide Clipping Path. We have a large team of editing experts for your eCommerce images.  

Happy Editing!