How to create photoshop batch save as jpg

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How to create photoshop batch save as jpg. Saving multiple files as jpg can indeed be tedious. Photoshop, with its Batch feature, will come to the rescue. 

What is a Batch Feature in Photoshop?

Suppose you want to convert the format of a group of files to jpeg. What would you do? Google different software and convert each file individually. Pretty inconvenient, right?. Drop that idea and move to photoshop. The Batch feature allows you to edit a series of multiple files together and save them according to the format you like, whether it’s JPEG, PSD, or even TIFF.

Steps in creating photoshop batch save as jpg

In just a few steps, you can successfully complete this action of creating a photoshop batch save as jpg. So let’s get weaving! 

Step 1: Select Image Processor 

Once you open Photoshop, you will see the ‘File’ option at the top navigation bar. Select ‘File’. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Scripts’. Finally, opt for the ‘Image Processor’ option.  

open script

When you select Image Processor, a panel will appear with various options. Tick off the necessary components to complete the action 

Step 2: Selection of files

In the first panel option, you need to select the folder that contains all the files you want to process. If you wish all the files to have similar settings, tick the ‘Open first image to apply settings’ box. This way, you can only edit the first image only, the others will have the same settings. 


Step 3: Select the location

You need to select the destination where you want your edited files to be saved in the second option. It is more convenient to save them in the same location as your original files. You don’t have to worry about the names, as a separate folder will be created automatically with the edited files. 

Step 4: Select the file type

Select the ‘ Save As JPEG ‘ box since you are here to save the files in JPEG format. For a better quality, you can set it between 0 and 12. Choose ‘Resize To Fit’ to change the dimensions and write your preferred width and height. 

If you want to save your file in other formats, you have the options to do so as well. 

Step 5: Select other preferences 

Under preferences, tick off the ‘Run Action’ box and select ‘Default Actions’ and then finally the type of color profile you want, like- Vignette or Sepia Toning filter. Tick on the ‘Include ICC Profile’ to engraft the color profile within all the images. 

Step 6: Run the file

After selecting the options, click on ‘Run’ on the top right of the panel, and your files will be saved. 

Now go to the location of the saved files, and you will see the fully finished converted images. 

Final Thoughts 

Yes, How to create photoshop batch save as jpg. we are well aware that Photoshop’s clipping path service will always be in your aid when editing an image. A lesser-known thing about photoshop is probably that it can be used to save a series of images together in different formats.

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