How to change text color in photoshop

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How to change text color in photoshop, do not think this is very hard, Very simple one minute jobs un Photoshop. If you do not know photoshop a bit it doesn’t issue, I will help you simple way, but you need to know to install photoshop in any version or have to photoshop any version on a mobile or laptop, or PC. Let’s try to learn the processing. You can apply it to your web banner or whatever images you need. Most of the one-man online stars need this or even photographers who start the business and try to do something own. Somehow marketing team also needs this text color change anytime for making a presentation or whatever in doc files document. let’s try

Open file new artwork in Photoshop

You need to open the file from the file menu top of the left side corner in photoshop and create the artwork size you need. It is simple. make sure you tool the resolution for web formate 72. it is good to use in Website a lightweight and flexible.

Take text tool 

Take T tools from the toolbox and drag on white artwork or space to write the words, that you want to color. make sure one time it is missed to do then try again. If you are new so slowly try it. 

Start writing the words

Sart writing the word you need and you can also chanced the size if needed. This is also up to you. so you need to go character tools and do it simply.

Select the layer or text, start writing

Now after writing you have to select the layer and select the text in the artwork or any character that you need to change color. Smoothly do like word files you did before. It shows the black color after selection. Nite if your text layer is not selected or deleted it does not work properly.

Start writing

Go to the color box

Now go to the color box, at the top of the menu in photoshop. naturally, it shoes black. Then click the mouse point and get the color plate and click whatever color you need. simple. make sure if you’re new do and try again and again, it is not like MS word. 

Change the color 

Now try and change the color that you need. do and apply again and again and do undo and do again. think if you do not know Photoshop before but it is worked. I am confidently saying you can very simply.

Get the final work’s output


Here are the before and after works so you can do the direct text and different colors that you need actually. 

Final Thought 

How to change text color in photoshop, the processing is very simple. hope already you try and have done the jobs. if fail then try again and comment below. we help you to learn the tips. If you think you need to know the clipping path service perfectly or you have images that need to clipping path to white background and want to place color text on it, let’s try our clipping path service.

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Stay with us to learn more tips and tricks in Photoshop and learn more. thanks for staying and doing the hard work. If you need more bulk volume for e-eCommerce Photo editing photoshop service, then go for cheap rates.

Happy editing team, just smile.