How to advance Change the color correction for a shirt

How to advance Change the color correction for a shirt in 5 minutes

How to advance Change the color correction for a shirt in 5 minutes. Learn details from here get the tutorials and get video and learn a to z. advanced level works. there are a lots way toi brand image editing and work with color correction services. I wanted to show the way for simple tips and step to done the jobs. Dafiantely you enjoy the services. Here are some tips to allow technical guidkine that awesome to grow your hand expert level. Stay with me and watch the vedio to get the concept.

Get the video for advanced

Step 1 . Do the selection by the selection tool

You know how to open the image in photoshop, you are frsher learn it now. Go to the file and open the images. Now took the masic tool and try to follow the step next, Becasue this tool is very simple and quick seletion for the iamges. Make sure some times you may not used the selction tool if you back ground is white and prodcut or object is whiote. then you must need to path accurates .

Step 2. Do the perfect selection for the remove unnecessary selection zone.

Now you have selctions tools and jsut drag on allroudn the product to check all around the path seletion. Make a note, you can not play over all iamges . Some times images background is shadow or dificut to use the seletion tools. How you will undertand, Whn you apply the tool that not seletion properly a;ll around the iamges then think it may not work good.

Step 3. Do the group mask the selection area

Check list the image below that have right light in red box. they ahve just mask the layer. It follow the video the look it has botom f the layer box , click the amsk box then get it may mask. In this way, do it at minimum five times if you are the very bigger , If you are advaced level hand so good to try another short cut way or so quickly to do the mask.

Step 4. Cut the color pattern from the image.

Now the poin cut the dress part or texure that may be used for the match the color. I wanted to show it becsue concept is maun issue to learn it, tools is very simple for you. But concept delovening is the hardest apr to learing photoshop. if your ideas are very easy you can not forget it any more .

Step 5. Make a color swatch by selection tool

Took a color box by seleting a box or tools boox that make drag and it will come a box in all selection. Then do the color by Keywords or from color plate. I recomand you used your own easies way you can.

I am sure you have a question.

If you do not ahve any things curicity why this color box.

The anwser is that we are woring the sample color code in our dress. So do the best try to make a box and remember you see this color for end of the work in our dress. I am sure you all can do after completed the work all. This is the way i appied a hrad jobs. Becasue color correction is simple concept and nothing els.

Step 6. Do the hue saturation

Do the saturation change by color box. and check out this how to do this. go to the color of botom part in layer box. Then you change color Hue saturation nicely. No one can do this overall color corection. Even UK and USA We are not good and enough time to learn it or do it, So that lsot of the photograpehrs are busy for it. And we had a iteams for then sucess the work prfessionaly/

Step 7. Check the level for color balance

Check the level. This is the end of the prcess step and do it by you .If youa re not undertaning the poin so look at the vide for carefully and noted. Then try it to coverd all. You will adjust the pix very fast and slowly try to come out with the result,

Step 8. Match the color that You want.

Check out yours oned what happend. It is natural colorion p[rocess may be all will do. Room was not build a day so you are making innovating ecommerce color correction and need to do the clippig apth service to do the color correction.

I am sure you learn how to do any color correction from any object or product and shirt. Get an offer discount if you have project color correction jobs

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