What is the best technique for Background Removal in Photoshop?

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Background Removal in Photoshop is the common topic and most popular who are working in the image business now.  Very easy way to do that : Background Removal from an image within 3 minutes. Let’s see the best simple way ever.

  1. Go to open( You need to open from file and which one image you need to work 
  2. Take selection tools from the tool box ( take the selection or basic tools and use your images for selection all around the images.
  3. Drag and drop the unwanted object
  4. Then use delete
  5. Save it jpg or png file psd

Watch the video

Learn how to remove the background

Step ! Take the Pen tool


Step 2: Path around the product

Step 2 path

You need simply path around the product very quickly, make sure your path is doing one pixel gap from the background

Step 3: Selection the path


Note that you need to selection after selecting the path and pressing CRT+ART Enter, the automatic path will be selected

Step 4 : Remove background tranform


After selection remove the enter button on the keyboard or click CRT + J or you delete manually.

Step 5: Remove background transparent

Automatic your path will remove the background for the transparent, let’s try yourself when you will select the path and delete it.


Step 6 Done the jobs

Alla redid now try its own hand


See this image output done to remove background from an image. It is simple, everybody can do this I hope from now on. Here are also advanced jobs for shadow creations. Let’s see the next blog I will show you. How to do this. 

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